3 Classic Styles for elegant Cake Boxes

You have already made those gorgeous looking cup cakes. Whats next? You can present them in a cup cake box, which is usually white. The plain white does not say much, does it? To make your gift stand out, decorate your cake box in a variety of ways. We have listed 3 quick steps for instant cake box decorations. If you still want a professional touch, you can buy a cake box. Cake boxes are available at any online cake decorating store.


Cake Boxes

What you will need?

  • Acrylic paints

  • Gift wrapping ribbons

  • Gift bows

  1. Feeling artistic today? Paint your cake box using acrylic paint. Use colours, such as electric blue, shocking pink or neon green to stand out. For instance, you can also have hand sketched cupcakes on side that says “I made these”. For instance, if your name is Jessie, you could paint a sign on the top of the box that says, “From Jessie’s Confectioner or Jessie’s baking factory.”

  2. Use stylish ribbons that are available at any craft shop. Go for the classic old fashioned way of wrapping cake boxes with colourful ribbons and a big bow. Choose a big elaborate ribbon with a matching bow. You can use ribbons made of satin, taffeta and organza. Preferably, select a bright-colored bow, or the favorite color of the person you are about to gift.

  3. Use delicate calligraphy on the box. If you are good at calligraphy or know someone who knows it, you can decorate the box using a black felt-tip permanent marker. Write the name of the person in calligraphy cursive, all over the box. Another idea, is to write the word cupcakes all over the box, or a list of attributes of the person receiving the gift. You do not have to be neat with it, write them all over the box on angles, upside down, and in funky patterns, let it be random. In fact, doodle something to give it a creative appeal and a personal touch.

Whether it is a home made cup cake, cake or any other confectionery, you can but cake boxes of all sizes, according to your requirement from any cake decorators in Australia.


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