How to use Ready-Made Gum Paste Flowers

Decorating your cake can be as enjoyable as eating it. Maybe even more.

With thousands of ideas all over the net, here is a demo to help you place ready-made Gum Paste Flowers on a birthday cake.

Things you need:

  • Ready-made Gum Paste Flowers
  • Rolled Fondant

  • Straw (optional)

Ready with the items, follow the steps below:

  1. Unwrap the Gum Paste Flower out of the packaging. Do it nicely so that you do not harm them.

  2. Figure out where you want the flower to be placed. For example, in the video (below), we have placed it on the side.

  3. Place it on your cake. You can either place it directly or to make it a little more sanitary you can use a straw. If you decide to place it directly, stick the wire straight through the cake.

  4. In case of straw, figure out the height you want and cut it a little bit under the height so that you cannot see the straw coming out at the top. Once done, you can place it inside the cake and take the end of the wire and bend it to how you want it to look at the top of the cake.

  5. So, now as the flower is on the cake, feel free to move the petals around and adjust it according to your need.

Please note: While handling the Gum Paste Flowers, you need to be delicate with them so that no flower is harmed.


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