The New Car Tire Cake with Jet Black FondX Elite

Learn to make this three tire Tire cake, which is easier than it looks.

Things you will need:

  • Elite Rolled Fondant: Jet Black

  • Tire Molds

  • CMC Fondant Stabilizer

  • Pasta Machine (Optional)

  • Roul Pat Mat

  • Rolling Pin


  1. Prepare the Fondx elite with the help of CMC. You can start with 1-2 tsp of CMC into 1 pound of FondX. (Adding CMC strengthens the body of the fondant and keeps the shape and detail strong over time. CMC is used as a fondant stabilizer that can transform FondX into your own tasty gum paste)

  2. Next, knead the fondant. Remember, kneading is the most important part of using Fondx. So, don’t rush through this process. Have patience and continue kneading. When you notice that the fondant has a nice stretch, you are ready to start rolling.

  3. Before rolling, use little powdered sugar as it works best when rolling a fondant elite. This will prevent sticking and rolling will be easier.

  4. Now, prepare the top of the cake with a nice flat surface.

  5. Once done, use the first of the three tire molds. For the bottom tire, we will use mold 406. Begin by rolling out the fondant to be of the appropriate size of the mold, then trim the excess. Here, if you wish, you can use a pasta machine. Take the Fondx elite and pass it through the machine. It saves a lot of work and effort.

  6. Place the fondant in the mold and use the rolling pin to spread it evenly throughout the mold to capture all the details.

  7. To put the tire thread on the cake, use the mold to hold the shape together and press firmly on the side of the cake, using the mold to apply or preserve the tire details. You can rub a little bit of shortening to connect the molds and shapes.

The same kneading and application process is to be applied for middle and top tire. However, for the middle tire, we will use tire mold 401 and for the third tire we will use a slimmer mold 405.

Finally, stack them up, and it’s done!


One thought on “The New Car Tire Cake with Jet Black FondX Elite

  1. Love the cake, it’s really awesome and great for father’s day! It can be hard to make cakes for guys sometimes when default, go-to decorations are flowers and other frilly things. Awesome Idea! But you scared me; the post made me think father’s day was a lot sooner than I had thought!

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