Filled Cupcakes, Cake Decorations and more……

Signature cupcakes can be produced with ease at home. Start with your favorite  homemade cake recipe or a quality cake mix. You will get a lot of recipes on the net or in confectionery recipe books. In this article, we will talk about simple tips on how to make your cupcakes look good and make a signature cake decoration.
Start with a favorite homemade cake recipe or a quality cake mix. Prepare batter according to recipe or box directions.

1. Ideas for optional ingredients for folding in the batter
You can add a twist of taste to your normal cupcake batters. You can use chopped nuts, chocolate drops or blossoms, peanut butter , sugared hazelnut bits, dried fruit pieces.

2. Pour batter in signature cupcake papers
You can find trendy cupcake/muffin liners in Cake Decorating stores or online cake decorating suppliers, as well as, at specialty food markets.

3. Three power Techniques for Filling Cupcakes

Technique No 1 – Add Filling & Bake Later

Tip of the day: Dense batters work best to keep fillings from sinking to bottom.

Cake Decorations

You can work with fruit fillings (canned pie fillings or jams), ganache cream pie fillings available in the market, etc.

Technique No 2 Bake, Add Filling Later

Cake Decorations

This is the most preferred method for fillings. Insert a pastry bag tip into the center of slightly cooled cake, and squeeze to inject the filling. Use a small piping bag tip to make a hole. You can use mousse fillings, cream pie fillings, meringue or whipped heavy cream, lemon filling, etc.
(#3 or #5 Small Hole Tip recommended for filling cupcakes).

Technique #3 – Bake, Add Flavor Later
Insert the bottle tip into baked cake & squeeze while pulling out. The 4 oz & 8 oz plastic bottles are easy to use & handle.

4. Cake Frostings
You can use butter frosting, buttercream frosting, cream cheese frosting, creamy white frosting, fudge frosting, ganache, meringue frosting. You can use different colours to add dimension to your cupcakes. Garnish your frosting with chocolate chips, sprinkles or cake decorations available at your local cake decorators in Australia.

5. Super Simple Cake Decorations
Now that you are done with your delicious cupcakes, play dress up for the occasion and they are ready to be flaunted.
Popcorn Cupcakes

Popcorn Cupcakes

1. Frost the cupcake with white icing. Create the popcorn effect by cutting one mini marshmallow in half. Squish the two pieces back together into a whole mini marshmallow, pinching firmly. Pile the finished popcorn onto the frosted cupcake.

2. You can create a buttery look by either diluting a drop of yellow food coloring in water and brushing it on with a clean paintbrush or mixing pastel yellow marshmallows in with the white.

3. To make the band, cut a strip of construction paper about 1 1/4 inches by 8 inches, but If you are creating many cupcakes, design just one band and color photocopy it. Wrap the band around the cupcake and secure it with a tape.
You can visit our cupcake toppers section and choose from a variety of cake decorations such as flowers, blue baby accessories, assorted balls, baby clothes assorted, bags assorted and much more.


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